Our History

The Rowhill Nature Reserve Society was registered as a charity in 1968.
The reserve covers 55 acres, and was once part of a private estate that produced timber and bricks.  Signs of this can still be seen.

Rowhill Copse is now owned by Rushmoor Borough Council and managed by the Rowhill Nature Reserve Society.  It was given Local Nature Reserve status in 1986 having been managed by the society since 1968.  It is now returning, in part at least, into the working wood that it once was.

The Reserve is secondary ancient woodland and the show of spring flowers is most impressive.

Sweet Chestnut trees were planted to supply the hop industry that was located in the neighbourhood.

The field in the centre of the Reserve was once the site of clay pits for the brickworks, and two areas of woodland carr and several seasonal pools are located in where the settlement beds were.  These were an important part of the washing process for the clay.

Part of the Reserve is now a working wood with trees being cut in rotation on a coppice cycle.  The Hazel produce is either used on the Reserve or sold to hedge layers or hurdle makers.  Sweet Chestnut is sold as fencing posts, post and rail fence and revetment posts.